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A tradition of excellence

Located in Boucherville and present in Quebec’s landscape since 1977, Bois Mirabel is a flourishing company which insists on providing its customers with excellent service and quality products.

Surfaces de cuisine et surfaces de bois

Who are we?

Our excellent reputation has long been recognized and relies partly on our team’s creative spirit and expertise. Leaders in the field of timber (flooring and staircases) and architectural components, we are proud to have achieved our goals of vertical integration in the sectors of design, production, manufacturing and delivery of our fine products.

Constant and increasing demand for custom-made cutting boards, countertops and tables motivated Bois Mirabel to manufacture a more complete range of products in order to meet customers’ needs. CHOP CHOP therefore became one of Bois Mirabel’s divisions, specializing in the production of various wood surfaces, intended mainly for kitchen use.


Surface de cuisine et surface de bois
We started producing a few models of boards and rapidly noticed a growing interest amongst customers in the stores. None of them remained stoic in front of a CHOP CHOP cutting board. On the other hand, we also realized that people’s tastes vary a lot so we modified our selection to address that fact. CHOP CHOP currently offers some 234 possible combinations of cutting boards, varying sizes, wood species, colour of stabilizers and style of assembly. As a result, each product is adapted to fit each customer’s individual taste and we are very proud of that achievement.

- Robert Paquette, President of Bois Mirabel Ltd.

You can now create your own style of kitchen accessory and match it to your interior design.

An ingenious


Being a living matter, wood tends to change over the years depending on how it is treated. Stabilizers are used to balance the four corners of the board, even though it might have slightly warped over time. It is therefore safer because it does not slide on the countertop surface. Stabilizers are equipped with non-slip pads that enable the board to be completely stable.

Even if stabilizers were originally meant to be practical, our designers chose to give them a fancy appearance so they could stand out.

Stabilizers are made of non-ferrous metals and are offered in six different finishes.

Cutting boards with stabilizers

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