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A tradition of excellence

Constant and increasing demand for custom-made cutting boards, countertops and tables motivated Bois Mirabel to manufacture a more complete range of products in order to meet customers’ needs.

CHOP CHOP therefore became one of Bois Mirabel’s divisions, specializing in the production of various wood surfaces, intended mainly for kitchen use.

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and maintenance

Always wash the board with water and soap.

Never submerge in water.

To eliminate knife marks: sand the surface with 180 grid sandpaper then:

  • Apply CHOP CHOP oil on clean and dry surface.
  • Let it penetrate for at least 60 minutes.
  • Remove excess.
  • Repeat monthly.

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Chop chop


The warranty covers manufacturing defects.

However it does not cover abusive utilisation such as:

  • to dive in the water
  • washing in dishwasher
  • disassembling
  • any form of negligence

It is also important to avoid exposure to extreme temperature.

If you have any questions about the CHOP CHOP guarantee, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Why choose CHOP CHOP ?


Custom-designed products

Thanks to CHOP CHOP, you can now adapt your cutting board according to your needs and create a unique and customized model from a variety of possible combinations.



The "CHOP CHOP" stabilizers are available in various finishes to match the decoration of your home.


Outstanding value

Each of our boards is manufactured and inspected with the utmost care to offer you a product you can count on that is exceptional value for money.